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This portal is created to help “New Programmers” and “ourselves” to learn through mutual cooperation. The Programming Concept which is shared here takes the programmer from basic to an advanced level by making a progressive path. We are currently expanding our article to cover all the C++, C++ Standard Template Library, Data Structure, Algorithm, Advanced-Data Structure, Maths, and Practice Problems to help you understand the concept well.
What benefits can you expect from here?Well, there are many benefits, some of them are listed here.

  • Network formation of Competitive Programmers.
  • Shared problem solving and learning.
  • Someone will always be there to help you through the comment section of the particular session page.
  • It will be like different levels of the game and before completing the problem of the first level you will not be able to solve the problem of the next label in most cases.
  • All the problems which will be discussed here will be in an incremental way.


Content Acknowledgement

  • Wikipedia for a great source of information on any topic.
  • Codeforces, Codechef, Spoj for awesome collection of practice problems.
  • Some Books
    • Introduction to Algorithms ( CLRS )
    • Principle and Technique of Combinatorics ( NUS Publication )
    • Dietel and Dietel ( C and C++ Programming Language )
    • Introduction to Elementary Number Theory and its Application by Kenneth Rosen.
  • MathWorld for maths articles
  • Youtube for an awesome explanatory Videos.
  • Google Images ( for some images )

This is our little effort to help Budding Programmers all over the world to excel in Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking.
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