Hi all, Welcome to the Data Structure Learning Series for Competitive Programming, here we will be sharing all the materials and Codeforces Practice Problem Contest based on the discussed topic for you to learn and Practice Problem Solving. Every week a new topic will be released with all the material and Practice Problem sets and you will have a week to study and solve them.

Started on Monday – 7th September 2020

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The different types of data structure which we shared will be discussing here are,

Basic Data Structures

  • Arrays
  • Stack and Queue
  • Trees
    • Introduction to Trees
    • Binary Tree
    • Binary Search Tree
    • Balanced Binary Search Tree / AVL Tree

Advanced-Data Structures

  • Heap
  • Priority Queue
  • Trie Data Structure
  • Binary Indexed Tree / Fenwick Tree
  • Segment Tree
    • 1D Segment Tree
    • 2D Segment Tree 
    • 3D Segment Tree
  • Suffix Trees
  • Suffix Arrays

Note: Implementations are in C++All these topics will be discussed in detail in coming articles. Every topic will have a practice problem set and some solved problems from Codeforces, CodeChef, HackerEarth, etc.
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