Here are some of the topics from the Maths which we will be discussing here. These are the most required skills for any competitive programmer.

We will be starting with the question that why Maths is important for Competitive Programmer, which topics are most useful, how to do etc. The first topic will be answering this question. And then we will continue with the discussion of different topics.

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  • Mathematics for Competitive Programming
  • Number Theory
    • Fundamentals
      • Introduction to Number Theory
      • Modular Exponentiation
    • GCD, LCM, and Prime Factorization 
      • GCD, LCM, and Euclid’s Algorithm
      • Factorization of Integer and Fermat’s Number
      • Linear Diophantine Equation
    • Congruences
      • Linear Congruence
      • Chinese Remainder Theorem
      • System of Linear Congruences
      • Divisibility Test
      • Round Robin Tournament
      • Some special Congruences
        • Wilson’s Theorem
        • Fermat’s Little Theorem
        • Euler’s Theorem
    • Multiplicative Functions
      • Euler’s phi-function
      • Sum and Number of Divisor
      • Perfect Number and Mersenne Prime
      • Inverse Modular Function
    • Primitive Roots
    • Quadratic Residues and Reciprocity
    • Pythagorean Triplets
    • Fermat’s Last Theorem
    • Pell’s Equation
  • Algebra
    • Sequence and Series
    • Logarithm and Exponent
    • Trigonometry
  • Combinatorics
    • Introduction
    • Basic Permutation
    • Basic Combination
  • Computational Geometry
    • Basic Geometry
    • Point inclusion in a Polygon
    • Convex Hulls
    • Intersections
    • Polygon Triangulation
    • Orthogonal Range Search

If we are missing something OR you have some resources related to this topic then please feel free to share through the Comment Section. We would be including it here.
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